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Kim Matthäi Leland, photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Atmosphere is a word, I often hear, when customers give me feedback as a photographer.

Whether it’s a concert shot from a late, moody, dusty night show at Roskilde Festival, a portrait of a CEO or a series of images from the opening of a preschool, the atmosphere is the common thread in my work.

I began shooting music and will probably always strive after the perfect concert photo. Concert photography is a very special discipline: You only have a few songs to get your images. You can’t direct your models – they do whatever they want without concern for the photographer.

And the light. Oh, that light. It’s sharp, powerful, weak, colored and ever changing. All at the same time. And that’s precisely why shooting concerts is the perfect way to learn photography. Hundreds of shows have taught me how to get the images I want, even when the light comes from blinking green lasers.

Images of atmosphere.

Everything I have learned from concert photography is now second nature and gives me the best basis for creating great images, even if the village church is only lit by candles or when the soccer fans have filled the stadium with smoke.

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